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01 Jul 2014 Deflation Skeptics
01 Jul 2014 With Debt Yields Low, Firms Dash for Cash

Average junk-bond yields hit an all-time low of 4.8% in June, while the difference, or spread, between the yield of investment-grade corporate bonds and Treasury bonds dropped below one percentage point for the first time since 2007...
30 Jun 2014 Mutual-Fund King Bill Miller Makes Comeback

As Crisis Recedes, Same Old Stock-Picking Strategy Brings Big Gains...
29 Jun 2014 Harvard got a 1.7% return over 5 years vs. a 7% return on the S&P 500

Given their almost infinite time horizon, university endowments should be pursuing a long-term “buy and hold” strategy, and one of the best ways to do that is by investing in low-cost indexed funds.
29 Jun 2014 Chinese investment abroad is poised to surpass its inward flows

In an unprecedented shift, Chinese companies are on the cusp of investing more in the rest of the world than the world invests in China. This turning point in global capital flows could be reached "within two years", according to projections from the UNCTAD's World Investment Report released this week.
27 Jun 2014 Immigration and wages

Follow-up to the article below
27 Jun 2014 The optimal number of immigrants

The United States is made up of three and a half million square miles, with 84 people per square mile. The United Kingdom has 650 people per square mile. If we let in two billion people, we’ll have no more population density than the UK...
26 Jun 2014 Investors Must Dig Deeper in an Overvalued Market

In a market leaning toward the overvalued side, stock-picking is key, and opportunities can still be found...
26 Jun 2014 Housing and government policy - The loan arranger

WANDERING back from lunch down New Bond Street involves my passing dozens of shops with designer brands and shiny jewellery. Even as a middle class professional, I could never afford to buy anything. But no one would suggest it is up to the government (or the central bank) to make it possible for me to do so, especially by offering me cheap loans (bling bonds, perhaps)...

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