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07 Sep 2014 Whatever happened to global warming?

It has been roughly two decades since there was a trend in temperature significantly different from zero. The burst of warming that preceded the millennium lasted about 20 years and was preceded by 30 years of slight cooling after 1940.
03 Sep 2014 Why Burger King Is Paying 9% for Warren Buffett’s Blessing

In a market flooded with low-interest financing, why go to Warren Buffett and pay a 9% interest rate?
26 Aug 2014 One Way to Fix the Corporate Tax: Repeal It

...demonizing the companies and their executives is the wrong response. A corporate chief who arranges a merger that increases the company’s after-tax profit is doing his or her job. To forgo that opportunity would be failing to act as a responsible fiduciary for shareholders...
26 Aug 2014 Wells chief warns on mortgage lending (may require subscription)

John Stumpf said government-backed agencies that buy mortgages, such as Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and the Federal Housing Administration, were too quick to accuse banks of faulty underwriting on mortgages that default and force them to repurchase the soured loans, known as “put-back” risk.