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05 Aug 2014 Dress codes - Suitable disruption

IN “ZERO TO ONE”, Peter Thiel's forthcoming guide to startups, he lets aspiring tech magnates in on an effective if unorthodox rule for making smart decisions: don’t do business with anyone who dresses in a suit...
05 Aug 2014 Renewable energy is not working

Too much cost, not enough output or too little emissions reduction
30 Jul 2014 Ken Fisher: Just Your Run-Of-The-Mill Blockbuster Returns

In the S&P 500′s lifetime it’s been down 27% of all calendar years. But it’s risen more than 20% in over half the positive years. In other words, if you don’t get a down year, history favors huge! Years with positive returns up to 10%–what most folks usually expect (“average”)–happen only 15% of the time...
28 Jul 2014 More evidence on the superiority of index investing — most active fund managers can’t even beat a blindfolded monkey

Thousands and thousands of investors spend millions of dollars on fees and expenses every year for actively managed funds to collectively lose them billions of dollars.
26 Jul 2014 The Big Mac index
22 Jul 2014 The UK fund manager emulating Warren Buffett – and doing so successfully

Keith Ashworth-Lord explains why he has chosen to follow the “Sage of Omaha’s” investment philosophy and why it has, so far, helped him to top his IMA sector.