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Prem Watsa is the founder, chairman, and chief executive of Fairfax Financial Holdings, based in Toronto, Ontario. He has been called the "Canadian Warren Buffett".

Fairfax Financial Holdings Limited is a financial services holding company whose corporate objective is to achieve a high rate of return on invested capital and build long term shareholder value.

Period: Q2 2014
Portfolio date: 30 Jun 2014
No. of stocks: 41
Portfolio value: $1,448,097,000

Stock% of portfolioSharesRecent activityReported Price*
hist RFP - Resolute Forest Products 33.64 29,044,012 $16.77
hist BBRY - BlackBerry Ltd. 32.99 46,654,700 $10.24
hist SD - SandRidge Energy Inc. 16.03 32,463,200 $7.15
hist XCO - EXCO Resources Inc. 7.13 17,538,912 $5.89
hist OSTK - Overstock.com Inc. 3.46 3,184,677 $15.74
hist BWINB - Baldwin & Lyons Inc. CL B 1.72 969,875 $25.75
hist BCE - BCE Inc. 0.84 268,300 $45.43
hist KW - Kennedy Wilson Holdings Inc. 0.74 400,000 $26.81
hist CRESY - Cresud Inc. 0.65 723,012 $13.02
hist JNJ - Johnson & Johnson 0.61 84,700 $104.58
hist PFE - Pfizer Inc. 0.48 235,000 $29.67
hist WFC - Wells Fargo 0.25 69,300 $52.54
hist BRK.B - Berkshire Hathaway CL B 0.21 24,500 $126.53
hist DXM - Dex Media Inc. 0.12 159,198 $11.12
hist USB - U.S. Bancorp 0.09 30,000 $43.30
hist USG - USG Corp. 0.09 42,800 $30.14
hist IDIX - Idenix Pharmaceuticals Inc. 0.08 50,400 Buy $24.09
hist BRK.A - Berkshire Hathaway CL A 0.08 6 $189833.33
hist UPL - Ultra Petroleum Corp. 0.07 32,500 $29.66
hist C - Citigroup Inc. 0.07 20,000 $47.10
hist NYT - New York Times Cl. A 0.07 70,000 $15.20
hist LRN - K12 Inc. 0.06 33,133 $24.05
hist ORI - Old Republic International 0.05 45,000 $16.53
hist MRK - Merck & Co. 0.05 12,000 $57.83
hist QCOR - Questcor Pharmaceuticals 0.04 6,500 Buy $92.31
hist NYCB - New York Community Bancorp 0.04 40,000 $15.98
hist BP - BP plc 0.04 11,000 $52.73
hist HOLX - Hologic Inc. 0.04 20,000 $25.35
hist SUSS - Susser Holdings Corp. 0.04 6,400 Buy $80.78
hist PTEN - Patterson UTI-Energy 0.03 12,000 Reduce 29.41% $34.92
hist EDU - New Oriental Education & Technology 0.02 11,100 $26.58
hist GD - General Dynamics 0.02 2,200 $116.36
hist CSX - CSX Corp. 0.02 7,600 $30.79
hist STL - Sterling Bancorp 0.02 25,000 $12.00
hist NTP - Nam Tai Property Inc. 0.02 35,000 $7.54
hist MBI - MBIA Inc. 0.02 30,000 $11.03
hist NAVI - Navient Corp. 0.02 15,000 Buy $17.73
hist NEU - NewMarket Corp. 0.02 750 $392.00
hist SLM - SLM Corp. 0.01 15,000 Reduce 64.26% $8.33
hist PWE - Penn West Petroleum Ltd. 0.01 15,900 $9.75
hist IBM - International Bus. Machines 0.01 1,200 $180.83

* Reported Price is the price of the security as of the portfolio date. This value is significant in that it indicates the portfolio manager's confidence in the stock at that price and suggests at least some level of undervaluation or margin of safety.

Sector % analysis

Consumer Goods 34.29

Technology 33.85

Materials 23.29

Services 3.71

Financials 3.32

Health Care 1.30

Industrial Goods 0.09

Consumer Discretionary 0.07

Industrials 0.04

Energy 0.03

Information Technology 0.01

Articles & Commentaries

26 Apr 2012 RIM Turnaround Could Take Three to Five Years, Watsa Says
A turnaround at Research In Motion Ltd. (RIM) may take three to five years and the BlackBerry maker’s stock is undervalued, one of RIM’s biggest investors said today.

Dataroma's opinion:
With all due respect to Mr. Watsa, RIM will likely not survive. There may be some value in the company's assets and cash generated in 'wind down' mode. But the real question is, how much of that will flow back to shareholders instead of being squandered on futile 'turnaround' projects!
10 Mar 2012 Fairfax - 2011 Annual Report
I have attended the Berkshire Hathaway shareholders’ meeting since there were only 200 shareholders in attendance about 30 years ago. I still find I learn something each year from Warren and Charlie. At the meeting in 2010, I met Bill McMorrow through Alan Parsow, who is a money manager based in Omaha and a great friend. Bill founded Kennedy Wilson, a real estate services and investment company, in 1988, and he now owns 26% of the company. As a result of this meeting, we invested $100 million in a Kennedy Wilson 6% preferred convertible at $12.41 per share, and later purchased $32.5 million of a 6.45% preferred convertible at $10.70 per share and 400,000 common shares at $10.70 per share. Fully diluted we own 18.5% of the company. In 2010 and 2011, we also invested $290 million in several real estate deals with Kennedy Wilson in California, Japan and the U.K. – deals at significant discounts to replacement cost and with excellent unlevered cash on cash returns, in which Kennedy Wilson is the managing partner and a minority investor. We are thrilled to be partners with Bill and his team, who always focus on the downside and have the expertise to manage these investments and finally harvest them. You never know what you will find at a Berkshire meeting!! ...
27 Jan 2012 Prem Watsa boosts stake in RIM to 5.12%
Mr. Watsa, Fairfax, and other companies related to them bought 6,499,500 shares of RIM on Wednesday and an additional 7,550,700 on Thursday, according to filings with U.S. securities regulators.
23 Jan 2012 Fairfax Financial’s Watsa May Increase RIM Stake After Joining Board
Prem Watsa, who patterns his value investments after Warren Buffett, said his Canadian insurance company may buy more shares of Research In Motion Ltd. after Watsa was appointed to the board of the BlackBerry maker.
22 Dec 2011 Fairfax Financial buys 75% stake in Sporting Life
“We are very pleased to acquire such a pre-eminent retailer as Sporting Life,” said Prem Watsa, chief executive officer of Fairfax. “Today’s acquisition is consistent with our ongoing interest in acquiring strong, established franchises from entrepreneurial founders who want to find a long-term home for their business.”
11 Sep 2011 Prem Watsa: The Indian who bailed out Bank of Ireland
"For the past 25 years, the book value of Prem Watsa's Fairfax Financials has compounded a cumulative 24,424%, versus 979.7% for the S&P500," says Jacob Wolinsky, who is the vice-president of business development for SumZero LLC, the world's largest community of buy-side analysts. "His performance is spectacular and he ranks among the best investors in Canada and in the world."
11 Aug 2011 Fairfax’s Watsa sees Dirty Thirties pain ahead
But it isn’t just the United States and Europe that Prem Watsa is worried about. The potential bursting of a property bubble in China has him even more concerned. And if Chinese demand for commodities dries up at the same time as U.S. consumers are shutting their wallets, then the global economy is in for a lengthy period of pain.
27 Jul 2011 Fairfax lead investor in Bank of Ireland
(Reuters) - Canada's Fairfax Financial Holdings is leading a group of investors who have agreed to pay 1.1 billion euro ($1.6 billion) for a stake of up to 37 percent in Bank of Ireland , Irish media reported on Tuesday.