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Insider transactions that matter

Insider transactions filed with the SEC refer to acquisition or disposition of a company’s own securities by company insiders such as directors or officers, or by entities with a 10% or greater ownership stake. Filings are submitted to SEC on business days between 6:00 AM and 10:00 PM (ET). At Dataroma we extract and compile details of these transactions, currently every 5 minutes.

We only report non-derivative transactions, i.e. common and preferred securities purchased or sold mostly through the open market. These transactions and in particular purchases of common equity tend to be far more relevant to investors than derivative transactions such as acquisition or exercising of employee stock options.


- Dates: Filing date/time is the date and time the filing was received at the SEC. The transaction date refers to the day the acquisition or disposition was made. In general, transactions have to be filed with the SEC within 2 business days.

- D/I: Direct (D) transactions reference securities held directly in the reporting person’s name or in the name of the bank, broker or nominee for the account of the reporting person. Indirect (I) ownership denotes beneficial interest through any contract or relationship (such as family relationship or arrangement).

- An ‘A’ letter following a ‘Purchase’ or a ‘Sale’ denotes Amendment filing (SEC 4/A).

In the symbol watch list box you can track insider trades of up to 15 symbols. Just enter the symbols separated by spaces. You can then bookmark the URL for future reference.

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