Foot Locker Inc. (FL)

Sector:Consumer Discretionary
Super Investor Stats:
Ownership count:1
Ownership rank:458
% of all portfolios:0.014%
Total insider Buys/Sells last 3 months:
Buys 0 $0
Sells 6 $8,087,331
Portfolio Manager% of portfolioSharesRecent activity
hist Robert Rodriguez - FPA Capital 0.92 76,520 Reduce 33.94%

Open Market Insider Buys

Date Filed Reporting Name Relationship Trans. Date Shares Price $ Total Value $

* "Hold Price" is the term we use to indicate the price at which our Super Investors are comfortable owning a security. It is the price of the security as of the portfolio date (usually quarter end). It's a reasonable indicator of a stock's undervaluation at that price, otherwise it would have been sold. We only provide this value when a security is owned by at least two Super Investors. In the case of reporting dates being different, we calculate a weighted average price.

* Open Market Insider Buys refer to transactions where insiders purchase common or preferred shares of their own company in the open market in the same way an investor would do. These tend to be far more indicative of insiders' confidence in the company than other forms of acquiring shares such as stock grants, gifts, or exercising of stock options.

* Please note: Occasionally multiple forms are filed for the same transaction - for example several beneficiaries reporting the same transaction. In such situations, we only show a single entry. For a complete list of insider filings click on the insider link immediately above the ownership table.
* P = Preferred Stock