CVR Refining LP (CVRR)

Super Investor Stats:
Ownership count:2
Ownership rank:264
% of all portfolios:0.005%
Hold Price * :$9.85
History Portfolio Manager Activity Share change % change to portfolio
Q3  2017
Leucadia Nat. Corp. - Leucadia National Buy 24,166 0.02
Q3  2016
Carl Icahn - Icahn Capital Management Reduce 4.17% 250,000 0.01

* "Hold Price" is the term we use to indicate the price at which our Super Investors are comfortable owning a security. It is the price of the security as of the portfolio date (usually quarter end). It's a reasonable indicator of a stock's undervaluation at that price, otherwise it would have been sold. We only provide this value when a security is owned by at least two Super Investors. In the case of reporting dates being different, we calculate a weighted average price.