Portfolio holdings of Michael Larson. Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Trust's Portfolio. Michael Larson stock picks:
Stock Holdings
Michael Larson - Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Trust

Period: Q2 2014
Portfolio date: 30 Jun 2014
No. of stocks: 20
Portfolio value: $19,969,062,000

Stock% of portfolioSharesRecent activityReported Price*
hist BRK.B - Berkshire Hathaway CL B 45.66 72,039,804 Reduce 6.49% $126.56
hist KO - Coca Cola Co. 7.21 34,002,000 $42.36
hist CAT - Caterpillar Inc. 6.13 11,260,857 $108.67
hist CNI - Canadian Natl Railway Co. 5.58 17,126,874 $65.02
hist MCD - McDonald's Corp. 5.48 10,872,500 $100.74
hist WMT - Wal-Mart Stores 4.36 11,603,000 $75.07
hist WM - Waste Management Inc. 4.17 18,633,672 $44.73
hist XOM - Exxon Mobil Corp. 4.11 8,143,858 $100.68
hist KOF - Coca-Cola FEMSA S A CV 3.54 6,214,719 $113.62
hist TV - Grupo Televisa SA 2.90 16,879,103 $34.31
hist ECL - Ecolab Inc. 2.43 4,366,425 $111.34
hist FDX - FedEx Corp. 2.29 3,024,999 $151.38
hist CCI - Crown Castle International Corp. 1.98 5,332,900 $74.26
hist BP - BP plc 1.93 7,315,267 $52.75
hist LBTYK - Liberty Global Inc. C 0.75 3,532,529 $42.31
hist AN - AutoNation Inc. 0.57 1,898,716 $59.68
hist LBTYA - Liberty Global Inc. 0.47 2,119,515 $44.22
hist RSG - Republic Services 0.26 1,350,000 $37.97
hist ARCO - Arcos Dorados Holdings Inc. 0.17 3,060,500 $11.20
hist TTF - Thai Fund Inc. 0.01 95,586 Reduce 65.15% $11.22

* Reported Price is the price of the security as of the portfolio date. This value is significant in that it indicates the portfolio manager's confidence in the stock at that price and suggests at least some level of undervaluation or margin of safety.

Sector % analysis

Financials 45.67

Industrials 12.85

Consumer Staples 11.57

Services 9.87

Consumer Discretionary 6.05

Materials 4.36

Energy 4.11

Consumer Goods 3.54

Technology 1.98

Articles & Commentaries

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